Social Media & The Butterfly Effect

Social media is my life. If I’m not scrolling through Instagram checking for outfit ideas or cool new vacation spots, I’m on Twitter finding out what’s going on in the world. From hashtags to 140 characters, I am glued to my phone and the latest social media apps. So, when I first saw #hashtats I got it instantly, a cheeky and witty play on social media. How clever!

#hashtats is such a cool way to take my social media world to the real world or well the nonvirtual world that is. #hashtats were an easy way to express yourself through your social media, without actually using social media. They make for the perfect fashion accessory for your #OOTD or just a casual way to express your #mood.


With the ability to change it up whenever I want, I love these even more. So while I am freaking out about my posting the wrong Instagram, I don’t have to worry that I can’t change out my lasted #hashtat to match my outfit or my vibe better.

#hashtats are such a great way to tie two of my favorite things together: social media and fashion. We all know these two go hand in hand, and #hashtats is the perfect combination of the two.

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