Unique Gifts for the BFF

We all have that one friend that has literally everything, yes Jane I am talking about you, which makes birthday shopping a nightmare. Sorry, I can’t afford customized Louboutins, and there’s nothing else I can think to get you until I came across #hashtats. #hashtats are temporary tattoos that you can put on anything, so there’s no need to break the bank coming up with the perfect birthday present!

#hashtats are great from making a unique present. I’m going, to be honest, and say I am definitely not a crafter, which is not a problem here because they are so easy to apply that I don’t have to worry about accidentally gluing myself to something. And if I mess up I can always just change it, which is so nice to hear. So happy birthday Jane!

But then we all have that one friend who is super pick and will probably tell me that my amateur crafting is off by 1/8th of an inch, yes Karren, I am talking about you. Not to worry though, you will also be getting #hashtats as a decal kit, so you can put them on whatever you want, and neither of us will have to worry about my not so straight cutting skills!

I am so glad that I found #hashtats because they are such a great gift for everyone. Whether it’s for my friend who has everything or the friend who is way too picky to shop for, and well they also make great gifts for myself!

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